The campsite’s inner regulation

Every person entering the campsite is requested to respect the inner regulation. Otherwise, this person could be excluded from the campsite by the manager.
At the reception desk, you will find all the information concerning the services offered by the campsite, the interesting touristic sites around the campsite, as well as different useful addresses.
The reception desk is open from 9 to 12 and 14h30 to 18
The campsite regulation is presented on a noticeboard at the campsite’s entrance.
General conditions
Admittance conditions: Only the management is allowed to let the camper in, install his equipment and stay in the campsite. The management is in charge of keeping the campsite in order and of the respect of the present regulation.
Police formalities: Every person intending to spend at least one night on the campsite has to present its personal documents to the management and to fill out the different documents required by the police. Minors, not accompagnied  by their parents are not admitted into the campsite.
Violation of the inner regulation: A camper, disturbing other occupants of the campsite, or not respecting the present regulation could be ordered, orally, and if necessary in a written way, to cease the disturbanceIn case of severe or repeated disturbancies and after having been requested by the manager to respect the inner regulation, the camper could be expelled from the campsite, and the contract could be cancelled. In case of penal disturbance, the manager may ask the police or the gendarmerie forces to intervene.
Traffic and parking of vehicles  in the campsite: Inside the campsite, the cars have to circulate at a maximum speed of 10km/h, and have to park on the assigned place without disturbing the general traffic in the campsite or the installation of other campers.The car traffic in the campsite  is forbidden between 22h and 7h.A small parking area located at the entrance of the campsite allows campers to park their cars out of this timeframe. Visitors are not allowed to enter the campsite with their cars
Renting contract in the campsite
Modifications/cancellations: Concerning the cancellation, the deposit will not be refunded, but could be used for a reservation next year.
A late arrival or an early leave will not be compensated by a price reduction. The whole bill has to be paid off.
Arrival/departure: At your arrival, you have to  go to  the reception.For camping places: arrival from 14h, For rented mobile homes or  luxury  tents: arrival from 16h A member of the management team will accompanying you to your place.
In each rented site(mobile homes  and luxury tents) an inventory is at your disposal; you have to check if nothing is missing and if necessary, inform the management.

 20€ for the magnetic card opening the gate
for the rented sites:                                                                    

- 50€ for the housekeeping ,   -150€ for the possible damage risk.
These guarantees will be entirely given back at your departure if no damage is noted.                       

Our clients are informed, that smoking is strictly forbidden in the common parts of the campsite, around the swimming  pool and in the rented sites.                                                                                         

In case of non respect of these rules, the management possibly retains the housekeeping guarantee for these disturbances.                                                                                                                               

Departures have to take place before noon.
Guarantee: At  the reservation, the client will have to pay a guarantee of 30% ; this guarantee will be deducted  from the bill which will take in account the possible extras.
Security: In case of fire, alert immediately the campsite management.
The camper wears the responsibility of its own installation and he has to alert the management about the presence of any suspicious person. The campsite users are invited to take all the necessary measures for the safety of their belongings. The management declines any responsibility in case of robbery on the campsite’s places.
Upkeep and respect of the installations:  We hope that our kind clients will care about the property, hygiene and aspect of the campsite in order that everybody feels there well.                                        

It’s forbidden to pour out liquid waste out of the provided installation.

The campsite management thanks for everybody’s efforts to maintain the campsite  for all.
Enjoy a nice holiday.
Yannig et Isabelle